The Premier Clipper Cutting
Educational Program

The Men’s Method embodies the rich history of barbering while combining it with contemporary salon techniques creating a multifaceted and multi-cultural men’s educational program saturated with fundamental skills.


The Undergrad Technical Education Program is designed to give you the skills learned by anyone who is physically able and willing to commit the time and effort to practice on a regular basis until the skills are engrained in their mind and muscle memory. It is important to understand the Four Stages of Learning to guide you through this process, which at times, may be difficult. This gives the student a foundation to master men’s hair cutting on mannequins.


The Graduate Technical Education Program designed for students who have completed the Undergrad Wahl Men’s Method or graduated from Cosmetology School. This is a men’s technical cutting program that merges old school barbering techniques with modern men’s grooming. This is an add-on course for existing students or post-graduate as a extra revenue generator for all of our Wahl partner schools. This ongoing course can be offered to recent graduates, as well as, licensed stylists.

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