How To Align a Wahl 2 Hole Clipper Blade

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Do you have a clipper blade that is crooked or misaligned? Follow the steps below to get your blade on the right track!

Step 1. Slightly loosen both blade screws, just enough to be able to shift the blade. Make sure to move the blade adjustment lever to the full forward position.
Step 2. Align bottom blade with the top blade. Points of the top blade teeth should be 1/32” to 1/16” (about the width of a dime) back and parallel to the points of the bottom blade teeth. This is important so the clipper doesn’t cut too close or allow the moving top blade to touch the skin.
Step 3. Extreme left hand tooth of the top blade must be on the first small tooth of the bottom blade.
Step 4. After blade is aligned, tighten screws.
Step 5. Plug clipper in. Turn switch on and off a couple of times, and then recheck alignment of blades.

View the video below to see this process in action!


  1. I have 7 of your clippers and theres no way i can make them work properly once i have taken the blades out for cleaning. I´ve tried every trick shown on YOUTUBE and nothing work at all, guess I´ll need to try another brand next time.

  2. Author

    Hi Mario,

    You should not need to take the blades off for any reason unless you are putting on a new set. With that said it is important that you are aligning these blades properly. Here’s a quick video on how to do so: If you still have issues, you can always call us for a repair. Our customer service team can be reached at 815-625-6525.

  3. Hi,
    I am also a bit confused about this.
    On your website you say”the extreme left hand tooth of the top blade must be on the first small tooth of the bottom blade”. But in the instruction PDF I read: “The extreme left hand tooth on the top blade should be positioned so it is over the gap between the two left hand teeth of the lower blade. i.e. the
    extreme left gap on the lower blade.”
    Which one is correct?

  4. Help I’ve removed the 2 screws to replace my blade on my Wahl KM 2 speed and a small bar fell out i don’t know where this goes ! There are no videos to watch to put it back

  5. Author

    Give our customer service a call at 815-625-6525 and they will assist you with this right away.

  6. When the clipper starts making a real loud buzzing, what do you do? By the way it did this right out of the box, seems like it should have been adjusted prior to leaving factory. 😡

  7. Author

    Hi John,
    A few quick questions/comments:

    -Where did you purchase your Wahl tool from?
    -Are you using it in the correct voltage?
    -What specific tool are you having issues with?

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