How to Maintain Your 5 Star Shaver Foils

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Maintenance is key to protecting your Wahl Professional products. The better you take care of them, the better they will take care of you. Follow this step by step guide below on how to properly clean, disinfect, and maintain your 5 Star Shaver Shaper. This process is recommended after every cut for sanitation purposes. These steps work for both the 5 Star Shaver and 5 Star Finale.

Step 1: Release the foil head from the shaver body.


Step 2: Spray loose the hair clippings from the foil and cutter bar with a compressed air can. Loose hair clippings can also be cleaned from the cutter bar with the preshave brush provided with the tool (Tip: Use a light touch when cleaning with the preshave brush).


Step 3: Inspect cutter bar for bent or broken teeth. Proper care will help maintain the integrity of the cutter bar. Replace the cutter bars if necessary.


Step 4: Disinfect the foils and cutter bars with Wahl Clini Clip. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on proper usage of this disinfectant.


Step 5: Lightly apply oil to your cutter bars every 2-3 days. We suggest saturating a sponge and lightly dabbing the cutter bars as an effective oiling process.


Step 6: Reattach foil head and cover with foil guard. This will help protect your tool while in storage.


Follow these steps and you’ll be in good shape! To watch this process in action view this quick maintenance video:

How often do you maintain your 5 Star Shaver?




  1. I lost my cord n cover to the 5star. Can you provide me the phone number so I can order it plz. Thank you

  2. Author

    Our customer service number is 815-625-6525

  3. I have a question, I sprayed my wahl shaver with andis cool care plus but without taking the top part off. I left it as that and hours later when I try to use it, it won’t cut. It turns on and everything but won’t shave. I’m very concerned and I just bought it. I took the top part off and tried to brush off the hairs and let it air dry but nothing. I also charged it but still nothing. Please help me I don’t know what else to do thank you

  4. Author

    Hi Ashley,

    Are the cutter bars clean of debris? What length of hair are you cutting. The Shaver will only be able to cut hair at a stubble (1/32″) or shorter.

  5. How often should I change out the cutter bar assembly? I use this product every other day on my head.

  6. Author

    If you use it daily, we would typically recommend replacing about once a year. If you feel cutting performance has diminished you may want to replace before then.

  7. How do we know when it is fully charged. I use it almost everyday and when I’m not using it, I’m charging it.

  8. Author

    The light will turn off when on the charger. This will indicate that the unit is fully charged.

  9. The super close replacement foil keeps breaking every 5 to 6 weeks…It’s 25 dollars to replace every time. Can you please tell me if this is normal? Why are they not made to last longer?

  10. Author

    This is not normal. Make sure you are using a light touch and NEVER pressing the foils into the skin. This is the main cause of damage to your foils. If this fails on you in this short of time, give us a call at 815-625-6525 and we will get a new one to you.

  11. My granddaughter dropped my shaver. A couple of springs popped out on floor. Where do the springs go?
    Thank you.

  12. I love mine, about 18 months old, and I have never hard the foil last for more than a month. I apply very little pressure. Is it possible there is something wrong with my shaver?

  13. Author

    Check the cutter bar to make sure it is not bent or chipped.

  14. Author

    What kind of length are you cutting it at? This tool only cuts hair at stubble length (1/32″) or lower.

  15. My shaver is leaving black marks on my clients. What is causing that? And how do I prevent it?

  16. Author

    Hmm, I have never heard of black marks being left from the shaver. I would make sure it is thoroughly cleaned outQ

  17. About how long is 1/32 long hair.?my shavers are barely cutting . I’m having to apply lots of pressure .

  18. Hi everytime i use my shaver the next day the area i shaved has a really bad burning and the skin turns red, but when my barber uses his on me its a great shave, is is possible something is wrong with mine?

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