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CosmoProf Class (York, PA)

February 5, 2018
February 5, 2018



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The Must Know for Clipper Success

2hr Demo only


Let’s face it; clippers can be intimidating if you aren’t using them properly.  In this class you will learn basic barbering techniques; the correct way to hold your comb and clipper to effortlessly produce consistent results.  Learn how to properly maintain and care for your clippers to ensure superior performance.  You will gain an understanding of how to choose the right tools to achieve your vision.  We will highlight the Male Consultation and what they look for when choosing a stylist.  Learning how to use your clipper properly will expand your skills to grow your business.



The Blueprint to Seamless Fading

2hr Demo or 4hr Hands-On


There’s nothing better than a seamless blend.  The blueprint to achieve a flawless fade is in this class.  Let’s get you prepared to conquer any precision cut, from business to skin fade.  This class is designed to help you execute the perfect fade and taper for all hair types and lengths.  We will show you the tricks on how to work with hair’s natural fall, achieve the perfect blend and create a detailed finish.  Becoming more proficient with these techniques will expand your skill set, enhance your client base, and increase your revenue.