Rotary vs. Electromagnetic Motor Tools

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When choosing a tool, it is important to look at the motor type. Wahl Professional tools come in two different types of motor style: Rotary and Electromagnetic. So, what are the differences? Below are the features and benefits for each motor type.

Wahl Pro Pilot Hair Clippers Feature Image

Wahl Pilot

Rotary Motor

-Runs cooler than a standard electromagnetic motor tool

-Stronger motor—you can’t stop the blades on a fully functioning rotary motor tool. Try it, we dare you!

-Great for thicker hair, bulk removal, and heavy duty cutting

-This is the primary motor for cordless tools

-Some of our most popular rotary motor tools include the 5 Star Detailer, Cordless Magic Clip, Hero, and Pilot!

Electromagnetic Motor

-Faster blade speed—14,400 strokes per minute (SPM)


-Energy efficient—uses less power than other motor types

-Longer lasting due to fewer moving parts

5 Star Magic Clip

-Did you know: Leo Wahl invented the first electromagnetic motor powered clipper in 1919!!!

-Some of our most popular electromagnetic motor tools include the Senior, Designer, Magic Clip, and Razor Edger!


Do you have any other questions when it comes to these two motor types? We would love to answer your questions below!


  1. Author

    All of our cordless products come with a rotary motor!

  2. Can you put a wahl tatto blade on a five star detailer

  3. How many strokes per minute with the standard electromagnetic clipper motor, i.e. Designer corded clipper?

  4. Author

    7200spm with our electromagnetic motor tools. Blade moving down and back counts as one stroke.

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