The Magic Behind the Stagger-Tooth Blade

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One of the most popular tools on the market currently is the 5 Star Cordless Magic Clip. It’s lightweight, yet powerful and a perfect clipper for blending hair and on scalp cutting. The real magic in this tool is in the stagger-tooth blade.

“Wahl developed the stagger-tooth blade for the barber that’s looking to perfect on-scalp cutting” Wahl Engineer Scott Melton. “The blade was specifically designed to make a crisp, crunch sound when cutting. This helps barbers know when their blend has been perfected.”

This crunch blade technCC Magic Clipology has quickly become a favorite in the barber industry. Another great feature of the stagger-tooth blade is its speed performance.

“The teeth of the blade were designed to increase cutting when the clipper is fed really fast through hair (when it’s needed most)” says Melton. “Paired with its lightweight body, this the perfect clipper and blade combination to get through a haircut quickly and efficiently”.
The cordless clipper that’s sweeping the nation is the perfect tool for the busy barber. Have you experienced the Cordless Magic Clip with the Stagger-Tooth Blade? Tell us about it below!


  1. Is there a magic clip that will look like the barber combo or the Finale shavers? Black and gold are becoming my new favorite colors.

  2. Author

    At the moment no, but it is definitely something to look into!

  3. I just got mine and I love it one of the best clippers I have used. From bald fading the blending super super lightweight from trimming my clients beards actually one of the best tools I used . I actually bought two because I loved it so much.. the longevity of this Clipper is amazing the power is strong extremely lightweight.. super super happy to have this in my collection of my barbering tools…

  4. I need an all black version similar to the Sterling 4 cordless. I have 2 and put a taper blade on one.

  5. Can you use a stager tooth blade on the regular cordless ?

  6. Author

    Replacement blades can be bought via customer service at 815-625-6525.

  7. Author

    The Stagger-tooth blade can also be used on the Cordless Designer and Cordless Sterling 4 clippers.

  8. Author

    What’s your favorite Jason? It better be Wahl!!!

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