8 Guidelines to Prolonging Battery Life in your Lithium-Ion Tools

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The cordless phenomenon is taking the barber industry by storm thanks to great products such as the Cordless Magic Clip, Sterling Mag, and Finale Shaver. Below are 8 guidelines to help prolong the battery life in your lithium-ion products.

  1. Only charge the device when charging is required.  A charge is required when the product begins to slow down or has trouble maintaining speed while performing its intended function.  (Note: If the product is cord/cordless, and you should run out of charge, you may continue running the device corded to complete your task.)
  2. If the device is fully discharged, apply a charge right away to prevent damage or inability to recharge.
  3. A partial charge is fine; Li-Ion does not require a full charge.
  4. Charge the device at moderate temperatures.  Do not charge below freezing.
  5. If a charging stand is included, limit the time the product remains at full charge in the stand, especially if warm.
  6. Do not leave the device connected to the charger, or sitting in the charge stand, when the charger is not plugged into an outlet for charging.  (Note: It’s okay to leave the device in its stand for storage if the stand allows for the charger to be disconnected from the stand or product)
  7. Perform regular maintenance on the device including keeping the blades oiled, clean, and free of debris to prevent taxing the battery.
  8. When not in use, store the partially charged device in a cool and dry place away from heat sources and direct sunlight ( 25°C Ambient or less recommended)

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  1. I need a Wahl charger cord and cannot find one anywhere. Any suggestions ?

  2. Author

    Contact customer service at 815-625-6525!

  3. Author

    Where are you contacting us from John? We do not carry Moser products in the USA but can help connect you to the proper Wahl team.

  4. I need a replacement battery for the wahl magic clip clippers

  5. Author

    Contact customer service at 815-625-6525 and they can get a replacement battery to you!

  6. I have Wahl tattoo cordless. I know the battery is not li-ion but Nihm battery. The instructions suggest initial charge of 16 hours. Also recommends letting device discharge once a month. So the question is how long do I leave it charging after the initial 16 hour charge.

  7. I just purchased 2 cordless seniors & didn’t charge before use.. I have had for 2 weeks now, should I be worried? Am I able to send both in to get a new battery so they can be back to normal no matter what the cost?

  8. Author

    Hi Andrew,

    Are you saying that they are dead and won’t recharge at all? If that is the case, give us a call ASAP at 1-800-776-9245.

  9. Do the new magic clippers come precharged? Because i have noticed when i plugged them in for a few minutes, the blue light turned off

  10. My Wahl Super Taper Cordless Clipper works when connected to light directly but not when disconnected from the maina supply. So, I guess the battery has gone bad. Please how do I get a replacement battery?

  11. Hi … i got myself a wahl 1919 for a gift to myself…. i want to put it on display without opening it… do i have to worry bout the battery leaking or anything or should i remove the battery….

  12. Author

    You will need to contact Wahl Africa for service options!

  13. Hi..i just bouhgt wahl 1919 a wwek a go and i charge it about 7 hours coz i forgot and i fall to sleep..is it oke with the battery?

  14. Author

    It should be OK. We do not recommend this very often.

  15. How long should I charge the magic clips before first use?

  16. You should not need to charge before using. When you do charge a blue light will appear, when that light shuts off, that means your clipper is charged.

  17. What does it mean when my Wahl cordless magic clip clippers don’t get a full charge after being charged all night

  18. The light doesn’t turn off for you? These should charge within an hour or two max. Give our customer service team a call at 1-800-776-9245 and we can take care of this for you right away.

  19. Just received the Wahl Cordless Clipper . Put it on charger and left on overnight.. red light never went off.. cant find anything in manual about a red light.. is this normal?

  20. I have a sterling 4 cordless, and it’s seems like when I plug it up to charge the light turns off and like saying it doesn’t need charging. I’ve had it for a year and some change. I do work in a salon that is haircuts all day so I use them alot. Could it be the battery finally running out? Also it seems like it doesn’t have a much power when I’m using them

  21. My magic clip seems like it’s lost a little bit of power. I noticed this when I bought a new pair and when both are fully charged, my old one sounds like it’s less powerful.

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