A 1-on-1 Interview with 2018 Online Barber Battle Winner Kevin Nguyen

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Name: Kevin Nguyen

City/State: San Diego, CA

Barbershop: Instructor at California Barber & Beauty College

Instagram: @yakuzabarber

  1. What’s your haircutting background?

I started cutting hair at the age of 15 and received my barber license at 17. After becoming licensed, I slowly started instructing at my family’s barber college. At 19, I became an owner of one of the many locations of Big Boys Barbershop. Since then, I have been instructing full time while finding the time to tend to my personal clientele.

2. What drove you to participate in the 2018 Online Barber Battle?

I have always enjoyed barber battling and after hearing about the Wahl Online Barber Battle, I knew that I had to give it a try. 

3. How did you originally find out about the competition?

I found out about the competition via the Wahl Instagram page.

4. You finished in the top ten last year. What changes did you make to claim the top prize?

Making top 10 last year really motivated me to do better. I decided to do my homework on last years top finalist to give me a better idea of what exactly Wahl was looking for while incorporating it into my own. 

5. What was your immediate reaction when you saw Rick come up to your shop?

Rick initially asked me to cut his hair while he was in San Diego. When he arrived with a smooth bald head, I became confused on how much more bald could he possibly get.

6. Of the three cuts you submitted, which was your favorite and why?

My favorite haircut out of the 3 is the Creative Cut because that’s when originality and creativity come to play. 

7. What’s your advice for someone who is thinking about competing in 2019?

My advice for any barbers who are planning to compete in 2019 is to step out of your comfort zone and most importantly find the right model for each category. 

See Kevin’s Full submission video below!