Expertly Taught. Passionately Learned.

The Men’s Method embodies the rich history of men’s grooming by creating a multifaceted and multi-cultural education program. One saturated with fundamental skills while providing the foundation to cut and trim with confidence.


The Undergraduate Program gives schools the opportunity to set themselves apart by teaching what’s been missing from traditional men’s grooming courses.

What isn’t known at the beginning will be mastered by the end.

Instructors and owners will be able to impart the Men’s Method techniques their students need to perfect 9 distinct looks essential for men’s hair – while increasing confidence in the use of clippers, trimmers, shears and razors.

Upon completion, students will possess the necessary skillset to service any client, regardless of hair type or ethnicity.

In addition to in-person training from Men’s Method experts, the Undergraduate Program is supplemented with online, printed, and DVD material, complete with extensive lesson plans for world-class instruction.


Advanced techniques for advanced tools: The Graduate Program is the pinnacle of Men’s grooming education.

Every licensed barber and stylist will benefit immensely from this intensive training.

Skills are honed, techniques refined as 10 looks indispensable to the modern man are taught with practice on live models.

Ideal for individuals and franchises alike, this is essential education for all artists in the hair industry.



Students are taking notice of Men’s Method. So are news outlets. Read the latest success stories and noteworthy events as our industry-changing program keeps making headlines.


The Men’s Method Program is expanding across the country. Find the nearest location so you can enroll today.

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