Frequent Styler Miles: Wahl Professional Continues Partnership with Nomad Barber in New Series of Videos

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Nomads travel from place to place in search of food. Except one: Miguel Gutierrez, better known as the Nomad Barber. He searches for something else: Stories.

With help from Wahl Professional, the leading innovator within the barber and styling industry, he’ll find plenty more stories for the whole world to watch, as the two have announced an extension to the genre-shifting Nomad Barber web series.

“Miguel is an extremely passionate, hard-working artist,” said Aaron Flick, Senior Marketing Associate, Professional Division, Wahl Clipper Corporation. “His interviews, videography and photography are top notch. More importantly, Miguel is authentic and driven to share with the world the art of barbering.”

The new globetrotting installments of the Nomad Barber video series will take Gutierrez to new locations, 17-20 in all, between now and September of next year.

“I am excited to be documenting this (my travels) alongside Wahl and feel like the authentic and genuine family values of Wahl work well with my brand too – it all just feels organic,” said Gutierrez of his travels. “I feel like Wahl is also promoting themselves globally and it’s a brand I see in the majority of shops I visit.”

That brand is also seen by viewers in the background throughout the videos – but its appearance isn’t forced. As a true partner, Wahl is committed to Gutierrez’s vision and is lending its full support.

This reaffirms Wahl’s stature as the professional brand used around the world and closely follows the release of Wahl’s docu-style video, Think Like an Artist, depicting the global influence of Wahl through the historic lens of American barbering.

Gutierrez has traveled the planet and back multiple times since 2013, when the first installment was posted to his YouTube channel. Since then, more than 90 videos capturing his journeys and interviews have been added, showing unique perspectives – his, along with barbers from Hong Kong, Chile, Vietnam, Cape Town, and every other corner of the earth.

The raw depiction of his adventures has captivated a passionate following, with subscribers, followers and views numbering the millions.

And Wahl Professional, seeing the potential in the partnership, has been with him since the start.

“I contacted Wahl as my first point of call a few years back to tell them my plans, we chatted for a while and decided to partner up to help show the world a new side of barbering and they’ve supported me ever since, said Gutierrez.”

“I hope the stories and struggles people go through in some countries will help viewers realize that they aren’t alone and things could be worse or better for themselves. The videos are meant to evoke some emotion as well as being able to relate to the barbers,” said Gutierrez.

Those looking to stamp their digital passport and view hours of fascinating points of view can subscribe to the Nomad Barber’s YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram @nomadbarber.

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