How to Determine if You Have an Authentic Wahl Professional Tool

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We have seen a recent influx of messages on social media and through our website inquiring whether their recent purchase was an authentic Wahl tool or if they had purchased a counterfeit. Below are a few ways to verify if you purchased a new, authentic tool made by Wahl.

1. The easiest and safest way to know you have an authentic Wahl tool is to purchase from a Wahl distributor. These distributors purchase products directly from Wahl professional. A full list of professional distributors in the USA can be found here. It is also important to note that Wahl does NOT recommend you purchase professional products from a third party site (i.e. Amazon, Ebay, etc…). These sites are not licensed distributors of Wahl Professional and we cannot guarantee the quality of tool you are receiving. If you are outside of the USA, we recommend contacting your local Wahl subsidiary to connect you to a valid Wahl Professional distributor. Our International website can be found here.

2. Each Wahl tool comes engraved with a born-on date code. This will tell you what month and year the tool was made. Our customer service team can verify the date code information for you if need be. They can be reached at 1-800-776-9245 or here.

3. All Wahl Professional tools come in Wahl specific packaging. If your tool you receive is not in the same packaging, it is likely your tool is either a). a counterfeit, or b). used. *Note: USA and International products come in different packaging. If you are purchasing a tool from outside the USA, please check the Wahl Global website to verify the current packaging image. If you have a package in question, please contact a Wahl representative here or here to verify.


Wahl Professional USA Packaging                                                                      Wahl International Packaging


4. Check the Wahl Professional USA or Wahl Global website to verify the current product. The website will have information on products, packaging, specs, etc…


  1. I’m looking for the Wahl professional: ProAir styler (set). I bought one in Austria (220 Volt) and would like to find one for 120 Volts to us in the US

  2. Author

    Hi Rita,
    Unfortunately, we do not offer this product here in the USA.

  3. I bought my WAHL T-blade trimmers from a local beauty supply store that a lot of salons use. However my trimmers have fallen apart and are not as sharp and they’re only a month or so old. Do they have warranty? Can I send them to get fixed straight through WAHL?

  4. I am in the USA. Wanted to buy Wahl professional cordless clippers (220v)as a gift for my cousin who lives in Asia. Where do I find such product in USA (California specifically)?

  5. Author

    Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately all products sold in the USA is in 120v.

  6. Author

    Yes they should be covered under warranty. Give us a call at 815-625-6525 for a repair.

  7. Your Comment *i bought two Wahl clipper at Clicks and Game Store in South Africa,the one I bought at Clicks their blades are not engraved “Made In Usa” like the one I bought at Game Store,the packaging says “Made In China”,is it authentic clipper?

  8. Author

    Did you purchase the same tool? Our Chinese made products are made for home use.

  9. What is annoying is that the model number is not found on the Wahl I have been given so I have no way of confirming which accessories are compatible. Wouldn’t it be logical to place the model number on the device?

  10. Author

    Steve, all of our model numbers can be found here on the website.

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