How To Zero Gap Your Trimmers in 2 Minutes!

In News by Aaron Flick

The new Wahl T-Wide Proset Tool is here! Follow the steps below to easily zero gap your t-wide blade trimmers.

1. Remove blades screws (hold the blade with your finger so it does not move).

2. Remove the blade from the trimmer.

3. Loosen screw #1 with a half turn, then loosen screw #2 with a half turn.

4. Place the blade in the proset tool. Snap it in.

5. Set it and forget it. Make sure the blade screws are tightened so the blade will stay at the point it is adjusted to. This blade should only need to be adjusted once since the metal inserted blade guide holds the blade secure in the position set.

6. Pull from the bottom and remove your blade from the tool.

7. Place blade back on your trimmer.

8. Tighten the screws.

9. Visually or finger check the blade for closeness after the blade is attached to the trimmer to ensure that top and bottom blade are in correct adjustment and there is no overlap of the top blade.