“I’ll Take Tonsorial for $1,000, Alex” ~ Barber School Week 1 w/ Lisa Finucane

In News by Aaron Flick

Hello all! This week I was able to cross off a “bucket list” item and begin Barber School. My journey in the beauty industry began almost 30 years ago in August of 1989! Now, some would say, “You have so much experience, why would you start another license?”, while others might argue “You’ve gotten THIS far, why NOW?”

I will tell you why. First and foremost, to remain relevant in this industry, you have to remain *teachable*. As the years pass, there are so many new and interesting trends it is important as artists to continue to expand our learning and our experience. Barber school will offer me the opportunity to see haircutting in a completely different way, through the eyes of the barber. I learned this week that barbering began almost 4,000 years ago, that barbers were the first dentists and surgeons and that during an archeological dig a bone comb was found in Egypt! Did you also know that the red on a barber pole stood for blood and that the blue stood for veins and that the white stood for bandages? So much more to learn. Next week, we begin clipper cutting.


Oh, yes, and *tonsorial* is a fancy name for cutting and hairdressing.


Until next time…

Lisa Finucane

Director of Education Wahl Professional, US