Improving the Client Experience; Raising the Bar from Equipment to Sanitation

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We interviewed Wahl educator Juan “Jay” Ramos for some of his best practices in a professional barbershop/salon in 2017.

Q. What are some of the newest things barbers are doing to upgrade their shops and improve the client experience?

A few new things barbers are doing to upgrade their shops and improve their clientele is that barbers are being more open to the industry and with this they are learning newer cutting techniques, styling techniques, shop management, retaining clients, etc. So with all of this into play it has been helping and greatly improving themselves as professionals and changing the whole barber image. Now when people think of barbers, the older gentleman image doesn’t come to mind anymore. Now you have more satisfied clients that go to professional barbers and receive the exact haircut they wanted with a professional atmosphere and professional attention.

Q. Is there anything new that barbers should know about in terms of clipper designs and upgrades, or other tools and accessories? How much do clients notice these things, or exactly how do they make the service better for the clients?

Barbers should know their clippers well. Understand the tool – and not only use it because someone else on social media is using it. Every professional is different, so they should test and use the tool, accessories, etc. E.g. For one professional, a comb might not feel right but for
the other professional that comb might just feel perfect. When it comes to clipper designs, the way it feels in your hand is important, such as: comfort, heaviness, lightness and power. Many key factors come into play here. Something that a lot of people do not realize is that they should always make sure that their clipper has a warranty because our clippers are an investment.

Q. Is there anything new in service upgrades barbers should know about, such as a signature shave—what is used, how is it done, what is the benefit to clients?

There are many new service upgrades that barbers should know about. Face masks, facial scrubs, beard washes and scalp treatments. These are just to name a few. A few examples how these service upgrades benefit the clients are: improve client’s skin for a healthier glow; help reduce the visibility of pores; and eliminate acne. We as professionals need to modernize with the times and very importantly revolutionize the barber industry. We are not professionals who simply cut hair with a clipper or a scissor. Better yet, we are professionals who can offer all and any type of grooming services that the world needs.

Q. How can barbers upgrade the simple haircut experience?

Barbers can upgrade “the simple haircut experience” by adding additional services like the ones we’ve mentioned in this interview. But for the barbers who are not ready to take on the added services, a few simple things they can do now is better customer service. Meaning when a customer walks in the barbershop, the barber should stand and greet the customer. Another thing is to offer hair washes. I know this is something barbers usually do not like to do, but believe me it goes a long way for the customer. Between clients, make sure all tools and your barber station are cleaned and organized, and all tools are sanitized, and that its always clean, neat and ready so when the customer sits down they visually see a cleaned station.

Juan RamosQ. What do you see as the biggest trends in barber shops right now, which relate to upgrading the shop and/or the services?

One of the biggest trends I have noticed is that barbers are becoming more tech savvy. Which is great because social media is a great platform where we all share our haircuts and self-promote for new clients. Also barbers are not using pen and paper anymore to book appointments. A lot of barbers are using APP’s on their phones that allows customers to book appointments without having to contact their barber anymore. This is huge for the customer because it allows them to schedule a haircut at their convenience.

Q. Hair salons are adding “bars” and speed services, like the 2-minute peel, to accommodate women who are tight on time. Are barber shops doing anything similar, or because a man’s cut is fast, are they doing anything is the opposite direction to make the experience slower and more relaxing?

Yes, barbers are now taking more time into the service to allow them to do additional services as facial scrubs, exfoliating, steam shaves and all of this allows them to spend more time on their client and charge more for their time. Reducing the old way of high volume cutting with low price. Working smarter and not harder.

Q. Anything else you want to add on the topic?

One last thing I’d like to stress is barbers should always take on educational classes and courses. Sometimes we think we know it all, but we don’t, and by investing in our skills and craft, it only betters ourselves and it’s a form of a tool that stays with us forever that no one can take away from us. Invest in our profession to only better yourself.

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