My First Wahl Show: Andres Reyes

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New Wahl Education and Artistic Team member Andres Reyes was on the main stage for this first time at Discover State Beauty Show in St. Louis. We did a quick interview with him to talk about his experience.

1. How were you feeling the day before your first show with Wahl?
I had butterflies in my stomach.. I was nervous and anxious, but extremely excited for the opportunity.

2. How was your class experience at the Discover State St. Louis Show?
It was a gratifying and memorable experience. I had the jitters at first, but once I started cutting I was in my comfort zone. The hour and a half flew by, and several people stayed after with questions and compliments.

3. What was your favorite memory of the show?
I had a small group of people that stayed after class, followed me to the Wahl Stage on the show floor, and came back to my second class the next day. It felt really good to know that I was able to help them and give them useful information.

4. Did you see a certain theme or trend from the show?
I don’t think I noticed a specific trend or theme. Everyone was really nice and most of the models that I cut told me I could do what ever I wanted with their hair. It’s nice to know people trust you because you represent the name Wahl.

5. Who/what inspired you to join WEAT?
A friend and client by the name of Jeff Peterson and my family really inspired me to join WEAT. Also, the ability and gratification of helping others through education and motivation really influenced my decision to join WEAT. The challenge and opportunity of seeing personal growth and development and maximizing my potential also played a key role in wanting to be part of such an elite team.