My First Wahl Show: Benny Machado

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New Wahl Education and Artistic Team member Benny Machado was on the main stage for this first time at the International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE) in Long Beach, CA. We did a quick interview with him to talk about his experience.

1. How were you feeling the day before your first show with Wahl?

The day before the show I was anxious and nervous but at the same time, I was extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity.

2. How was your stage experience at ISSE?

My first experience on stage at ISSE was challenging but it was also a learning experience. I was able to handle my nerves better than I thought (haha).

3. What was your favorite memory of the show?

I don’t have one specific memory but what I do have is a series of events that took place during the show. Being interviewed by Larry Campbell (Barber Evo), Estetica Magazine, and Launchpad was all an awesome experience. Also, having Tracey (Nugent) taking me aside and mentoring me on my stage presence was very valuable to me.

4. Who/what inspired you to join WEAT?

I became part of the WEAT team by winning the 2017 Wahl Online Barber Battle. Being a part of the WEAT team was one of the things that inspired me to compete. And my family which is my #1 inspiration in everything I do.

5. Where is the next show or event where we will see you on the Wahl stage?

You can catch me on the Wahl Professional stage at America’s Beauty Show (ABS) in Chicago.