My First Wahl Show: Miguel Rosas

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New Wahl Education and Artistic Team member Miguel Rosas was on the main stage for this first time this past weekend at America’s Beauty Show in Chicago. We did a quick interview with him to talk about his experience.

How were you feeling the day before your first hair show with Wahl?

I was feeling very excited and honored to be getting ready to be a part of something that I always dreamed about.

How was your class experience (The Tattoo Artist) at ABS?

My class experience was great! I answered a lot of questions and I was able to teach people things that they would actually be able to learn that way they know they got their money’s worth. Most importantly it helped ease them into thinking it is something they would be able to do again and again. I felt very informative and had good feedback from my audience when the class ended.

What was your favorite memory from the show?

My favorite memory from the show was working side by side with Kristi and G-Whiz. Both of these professionals are good at what they do all while being fun and humorous. They are a pleasure to work with on stage.

What/who inspired you to join the Wahl Education and Artistic Team?

I was inspired to join the team by Tracey Nugent. I always wanted to be a platform artist and educator and it was perfect timing to receive such a grand opportunity.

One of our favorite experiences at the show was watching your portrait design on stage, what made you choose G-Whiz as your design?

At first it was a toss up between him or the rapper, Drake. I thought about it and asked myself, who has more star power?? Then it came to me, G-Whiz of course because G-Whiz was on stage next to me and everyone who walked by or visited us could see the comparison. It led to a great conversation and it was a salute to such an icon in the hair industry.

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*Photos courtesy of Zyon Velazquez