Designed for the busy barber, the 5 Star Series has the precision and power for your multi-cultural clients.


NO. 8051
Razor Edger

Give Yourself A Little Edge

Give yourself a little edge in the barbershop with the 5 Star Razor Edger. This barber trimmer is designed for extremely close-trimming, creating crisp clean lines, detailed hair tattooing, and facial hair and design. The 5 Star Razor Edger includes the professional trimmer, 3 cutting guides (1/16”-3-16”), oil, cleaning brush, operating instructions, and a red blade guard. The Razor Edger measures at 6.25”, weighs 9.3oz, is powered by a powerful electromagnetic motor, and features the 1062-600 Adjustable T-Blade. Feel the power and control in your hand and pick up the 5 Star Razor edger today!

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cordless magic clip designed for:

  • Extremely close-trimming creating crisp, clean lines
  • Detailed hair tattooing
  • Facial hair detail and design