Rotary vs. Electromagnetic Motor Tools

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When choosing a tool, it is important to look at the motor type. Wahl Professional tools come in two different types of motor style: Rotary and Electromagnetic. So, what are the differences? Below are the features and benefits for each motor type.

Wahl Pro Pilot Hair Clippers Feature Image

Wahl Pilot

Rotary Motor

-Runs cooler than a standard electromagnetic motor tool

-Stronger motor—Won’t bog down even on the thickest of hair textures.

-Great for thicker hair, bulk removal, and heavy duty cutting

-This is the primary motor for cordless tools

-Some of our most popular rotary motor tools include the 5 Star Detailer, Cordless Magic Clip, Hero, and Pilot!

Electromagnetic Motor

-Faster blade speed—14,400 strokes per minute (SPM)


-Energy efficient—uses less power than other motor types

-Longer lasting due to fewer moving parts

5 Star Magic Clip

-Did you know: Leo Wahl invented the first electromagnetic motor powered clipper in 1919!!!

-Some of our most popular electromagnetic motor tools include the Senior, Designer, Magic Clip, and Razor Edger!


Do you have any other questions when it comes to these two motor types? We would love to answer your questions below!


  1. All of our cordless products come with a rotary motor!

  2. Can you put a wahl tatto blade on a five star detailer

  3. How many strokes per minute with the standard electromagnetic clipper motor, i.e. Designer corded clipper?

  4. 7200spm with our electromagnetic motor tools. Blade moving down and back counts as one stroke.

  5. Is the 5 star detailer (rotary @ 4 watts) more powerful than the 5 star razor edger (electromagnetic @ 9 watts)?

  6. That depends what you mean it terms of power. A rotary motor tool will have more consistent power (you cannot stop the blades) however an electromagnetic tool will have more strokes per minute (faster blade speed).

  7. I need part for my clipper.screws are stripped that hold blades in place

  8. Give customer service a call at 815-625-6525 for these parts.

  9. wat the diffrent super taper cordless and magic clip cordless?

  10. Difference is in the blades. The Cordless Super Taper has a standard taper blade while the Cordless Magic Clip has a stagger-tooth crunch blade.

  11. the wahl sterling definition trimmer 8085 more powerful or wahl detailer 8081 ?I am a barber and my hairs are thick

  12. These two trimmers have the same motor (power). Only difference is in the blades.

  13. What’s the spm of the Icon V9000? and does Wahl have any pivot motor clippers?

  14. SPM= 7200

    Wahl does not have any Pivot Motor clippers at this time

  15. Hello, what is the rpm of wahl academy chromstyle plz? And is it rotary or electromagnetic? Many tnx

  16. What is the difference between the new black academy cordless clipper and the senior cordless?

  17. Hi Debbie,

    The Academy Cordless Clipper has a standard rotary motor and ridge blade. The Cordless Senior has a fade blade 9thinner, lies flatter to the skin for a closer cut) and an improved rotary motor.

  18. What is different between the 5star and senior and elite pro … . . bra bra bra

    it just looks? and motor and blade model number?

    i can’t choice what i buying… all of models are similler!!!

    is there any guide of “Features and Differences by Model”?

    please tell me

  19. Elite Pro is a home use clipper. It has a weaker motor, and different steel for the blades.

    The main difference between the Wahl Senior and 5 Star Senior is the blades. The Wahl Senior has a standard taper blade while the 5 Star Senior has a fade blade.

  20. How many spm does the wahl senior cordless have?

  21. Is there a difference between the 5 Star Senior corded and the cordless version other than the cord?

  22. Yes, they have different motors (electromagnetic vs. rotary).

  23. I am looking for an advice and some feedback to help my decision What is the best corded blade and cordless blade for a bald head shave? Where should I start (Pro, Sterling, or 5 Star)…….

  24. What is the SPM for Corded Wahl Senior (Not the 5 Star)?

  25. 7200 for all corded Senior models

  26. What kind of motor does elite pro have?(standard or v5000)
    and how many strokes per min?

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  28. Stndard electromagnetic motor with 7200 spm.

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  30. [Cordless] Magic Clip vs Super Taper, which one is better for home/personal use?
    BTW, living outside US, the Magic Clip comes in premium guards, which I prefer, but many says its blade is dangerous for non professional (even some pro barber known to cut their clients).

  31. Difference between the cordless Designer and Cordless Senior. I’ve tried both and the cordless Magic and can’t find much difference. The Cordless magic pulls hair so I traded it in fur the designer

  32. Yes. Difference between cordless designer and 5 star magic and senior. Just blades?

  33. Cordless Designer and Cordless Magic Clip are very similar with the only major difference being the blades. The Cordless Senior also has a different blade (fade blade) as well as a bottom metal case, and more powerful motor.

  34. Which motor are better for beauty salon. For African American hair texture

  35. Which is longer lasting
    1 rotary
    2 electromagnetic

  36. what cordless clipper model can have a battery replace without sending it to service?

  37. Hi.. Wanting to buy a cordless hair clipper, which one you think I should pick.. Magic clipper, magic clipper black and gold or the Senior. For home use thick hair.

  38. How many stroke rpm on wahl corded 5 star magic clipper model 8451. Is it electromegnetic motor. Thank you.

  39. Motor/ rotary speed difference between a Cordless Magic Clip, Metal Magic Clip and the 1919 Senior

  40. Just some feedback for the Wahl company.

    The Hero trimmer is my secret weapon and it also a lot of other black barbers secret weapon also .

    It removes hair beautifully with consistence and power. Hair edging is very easy with the rotary power of the Hero.. Please continue to mass produce the Hero it is a favorite in the hair cutting community in the USA including the mid west , east coast and south; I’m in California , thank you.

  41. Hi all

    I’m trying to decide which is best suited to cut my own hair. I have very fine hair and it’s receding so don’t want to spend the money at the barbers anymore so giving my wife the honours (dog groomer!).

    I’ve narrowed it down to magic clip or super taper. Ideally I’d like a grade 2 on top with a fade to skin.

    Any suggestions?

  42. What’s the difference between the 100 anniversary and the magic clip stainless?

  43. Author

    The 100 year Anniversary Clipper has faster motor and a taper blade. The Metal Edition Cordless Magic Clips come with a stagger-tooth blade, standard rotary motor, and 3 Premium Cutting Guides

  44. Hi I have just purchased a 8591L cordless/corded clippers and found it has low speed on cordless and a lot faster blade speed when used corded. Is this normal?

  45. Selecting my kit for beginning barber school. Need both a clipper and a trimmer. What are the best for learning on… top quality but least risk for cutting somebody accidentally? What is most versatile? Detachable or adjustable?

  46. Author

    The perfect duo for a student barber would be the barber Combo. This features the legend (clipper) and hero (trimmer).

  47. Aaron i own a magic clip cordless black and gold edition, i’ve used it a few times and my blade is sharpened and clipper is well mantained. As you stated i fully charged the magic clip and it sounds good but when i plug in the cord it sounds and the blades move more powerful, is this normal or the battery might have depleted ?

  48. Author

    This sounds like it may be a battery issue. Give customer service a call at 1-800-776-9245 and they can take care of you.

  49. Aaron i live in North Macedonia, Europe .I bought the clipper at your distributor at MG RERA, i still have warranty cause i bought the clipper in June, what should i do ?

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