The 5 Reasons You Should Never Replace Your Battery For Your Wahl Tools From an Outside Source

In News by Aaron Flick

We have seen an influx of outside companies marketing replacement batteries for Wahl Professional tools. Here is what you should know before you consider switching out your current battery with one of these.

  1. First and foremost, it is for your own safety that we instruct you not to remove or replace batteries in Wahl Professional tools because batteries can be dangerous to you and others around you. As you have seen on TV with laptops and hoverboards, today’s batteries can cause burns or fire if not handled properly.
  2. Replacing the battery with one from an outside source automatically voids the warranty on your Wahl Professional tools. If the battery was replaced by anyone other than Wahl Professional, any internal damage to the tool will be attributed to the unauthorized replacement part.
  3. Again, we do this to protect you, not our repair business. Remember, lithium-ion batteries can explode, catch fire, or cause burns if they are not handled in accordance with the manufacturing specifications.
  4. The lithium-ion batteries in Wahl tools are specifically engineered to work with Wahl tools. The engineering team at Wahl Clipper has put in thousands of hours of engineering design and testing to ensure that your tools run efficiently and safely. All of our batteries have gone through rigorous tests and approvals by Wahl staff and outside testing agencies such as UL.
  5. All Wahl Lithium units are certified from UL for safety and compliance to the appropriate standards. Replacing lithium batteries, which are considered safety-critical parts, with non-compliant components may put you and your customers at risk.  As the owner of the modified tool, you would be responsible for damages caused by the replacement part.

Do you have a Wahl product in need of battery replacement? Do not attempt to remove the battery yourself. Wahl Clipper has a qualified team of repair technicians to help you.   Send your Wahl product prepaid to Wahl Service Center, 3001 N. Locust Street, Sterling IL 61081, or contact our Wahl Customer Service Team at for additional assistance.