“The Blacksmith and The Artist, reflect it in their art; they forge their creativity closer to the heart.”

In News by Aaron Flick

When a place, a home, an organization or a barber school have heart,  it becomes not only a place of learning but a place of family. I did not believe walking into this endeavor that I would be so smitten with the students that attend His and Hers Barber Academy. Each day that I attend, I grow fonder of these students, the faculty and the owners. I have been made part of their community and although the days are spent learning about clippers, muscle memory, and blade selection; personal stories seep into the day to day conversation allowing for the human element that is only found in salons and barber shops around the world.

I am proud of my barber school “family” and I look forward to the day when each of these kids is successful, productive and pillars in their respective communities.


Here are the pictures of my beloved class enjoying what we enjoy best- LEARNING and BEING INSPIRED!!!!