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We had the opportunity to do a one-on-one interview with Wahl educator Kristi Faulkner. Kristi is located in Clearwater, Florida and has been a member of the Wahl Education and Artistic Team for nearly 8 years. Anyone that has met Kristi knows that she has Wahl pulsing through her veins!

1. What was the first class or event your taught with Wahl?

I first taught at the Premiere Birmingham show in Birmingham, AL!


2. What are the most common mistakes you see people do with their clippers?

The biggest mistake I see out in the field is dealing with blade adjustments. Many barbers to try adjust and change everything and put blades on different clippers that aren’t meant to be on there and that’s why they struggle with performance.

3. What is the coolest/most memorable thing you have done with Wahl so far?

I was given the opportunity to travel to Brazil and teach on stage. It really was a life-changing, incredible event.

4. Explain what it was like being on stage with Wahl for the very first time.

Petrifying! The first time I went on stage was at a Bronner Bros. Show. Every year, Isadore Adams would try to get me on stage to cut somebody’s hair. I always told him no, that I was there to take a class and learn from others (I was a bit nervous!). I never truly realized the opportunity he was giving me. Finally, one of my friends pushed me in to getting on stage. I couldn’t talk if you know me that means something is really wrong!). Once I started getting into it I started to feel more comfortable and natural. it helped having Garland (Fox) up there to break the ice!

5. After doing this for 7+ years, what do you like about the experience now on stage?
I love that feeling that I can help make a difference. Even if it is only one person, being able to take one tip or suggestion back to the shop or salon and change their perspective on clipper cutting is what I want to do. I want people to be encouraged and try new things with their clippers and to want to continue to learn more and more.


6. Can you give a quick tip on increasing the speed of cutting?

Repetition is key. I first started out as a cosmetologist. Where I really learned to hone my craft was when I started cutting hair at the military post. I loved the speed of getting through the hair and seeing the before and after results. It was an instant gratification and helped me improve my overall performance and technique.

7. What is your favorite tool at this very moment?

That’s impossible! If I had to choose right now, I would say the Cordless Magic Clip. It gives you the freedom to shape the cut how you want. If you tried to take it from me I would fight you off! I always hold my Shaver Shaper dear to my heart.

8. What’s one word to describe Wahl?


9. Why choose Wahl?

By far Wahl is the biggest and the best. We started the clipper industry. I always say in class that I still have my first set of tools from school (Wahl Designer and Peanut) and they still work and I will never get rid of them. I’ve always used Wahl and I always will. They are a family. To have them support us and take care of us in the industry is priceless.

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